Thursday, December 29, 2011

Greetings from the rice bowl!

For all of you out there that have to work between Christmas and New Year's...I feel you!

Happy holiday, folks and may 2012 be even more interesting than 2011. <3

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

[The Facebook Fridge]

Whether you’re hungry or full, working hard or dawdling, you’ve probably come across this situation before: you find yourself standing in front of the fridge, door open and no idea how you ended up there. Munching and snacking is the excuse we all give ourselves when we’re trying to fill in time, take a mental break or just break up monotony. Look at college campuses around finals season and you’ll see a prime example of just about 80% of the campus camped out at one food spot or another. Even at the office, I tend to find myself making excuses to make a pb&j or poke around the 3rd floor vending machine in hopes of something zero in calorie, amazing in taste and totally able to take a long time in eating so I don’t have to get back to that report that needs reading.

Really, admit it, you’re not even hungry when you stand there, reopening the fridge for the 10th time, as if somehow the contents of it have changed in the 15 minutes since you’ve last stood in front of it. Did the freezer fairy suddenly deposit a bowl of Coldstone’s in there since you left? Probably not. But I find myself there once again, pawing ever so hopefully in search of something that looks more appetizing now than earlier.

Food aside, I find Facebook the new refrigerator of my life. Coming across a hard section of reading? Faced with editing yet another poorly written report? My fingers seem to have a life of their own as they go click, click, click, newest news feed! Oh look, some guy you don’t remember the face of has posted a list of …all his favorite stats from Skyrim? What? This isn’t news- oh well, 30 second distractions.

It’s such a waste of time, energy and lord knows how many braincells have jumped off the metaphorical cliff of my medulla oblongata in an attempt to escape reading through yet another “What celebrity am I like” meme, but just like the tasteless bag of chips and frozen dinners in the fridge, you find yourself coming back. Nothing significant has been updated, you’re probably not going to find out anything all that important, and you could probably be much more productive if you stopped letting yourself wander over (physically and mentally), but hey. We all need a little break, right?

Plus, I like to consider it social multitasking if I can eat AND find out if that hot girl from high school is finally breaking up with her douche of a boyfriend.

Monday, December 5, 2011